General Specialization

High quality solutions for industry, trade and private.

We are specialized in covering all problems.

Manufacturer-independent. Plant independent. And that since 1993.

Individual Plant Engineering

Your individual consultation, design of the plant and preparation of an offer are a matter of course for us. We always take your needs into account. The individual requirements as well as the local conditions are always in the foreground.


Regardless of the type of your refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilation system – we ensure that it performs its service reliably. With maintenance, you make a sustainable investment in the reliability and service life of your technical system.

Customer Service

Customer service plays a central role in our company. In the event of a malfunction in your plant, fast action is required. We are on the spot around the clock to help you competently.


Functionality and historical development of our contact cooling system

As early as the 1970s, Eisvoigt developed systems for the special requirements of bakery cooling and refrigeration technology. They were equipped with so-called silent cooling. This technology achieved the best results for …

Heat recovery from refrigeration plants

Due to the high amount of total electricity consumption, heat recovery (HR) from refrigeration equipment is an underestimated topic with high savings potential.


Industrial cooling of dough

In the industrial production of pasta, cooling to stabilize and condition the dough is becoming increasingly important. The necessity of reproducible, consistent quality with simultaneously increasing hourly production rates of the production plants requires this rethinking.

NH₃ / CO₂ Process technology

Refrigerants NH₃ and CO₂ are increasingly used in the bakery industry. Mostly used as refrigerants for central systems, they supply the entire company with all the refrigeration points. We have taken this development into account in recent years.



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Acting consciously

Research and development in the field of energy-intensive technologies is increasingly focusing on energy efficiency, energy conversion and the use of synergies.

For example, we are working on the use of waste heat from production processes to operate refrigeration systems, the operation of air conditioning systems using energy generation by photovoltaics and many other concepts.

In doing so, we always take into account the balance between economic and ecological demands. Due to constantly rising energy prices, the payback period is usually within the investment horizon.